Patient's FAQs

How many sessions will I need and how long does each one last?

Typically, the TMS treatment requires daily treatments of about 20 minutes five days a week until sustained improvement (typically 4-6 weeks) followed by twice a week treatments for 3 months. In some situations different treatment protocols of a different duration are used, if it appears that they are more appropriate for you.

Theta Burst Stimulation is a novel form of TMS that lasts much less time and can be as effective as regular TMS in the treatment of depression. An average session is usually around 3 minutes.

How efficient is dTMS for major depressive disorder (MDD)?

In a 2015 comparison with sham, dTMS produced a remission rate of 32% and an improvement rate of 38%

Does the procedure effect implants or any other metal on my body?

dTMS may be counter-indicated in situations where implanted devices can be affected by the magnetic field. Please let us know if you have any medical implant or foreign metal object anywhere on your body. This includes, but is not limited to pacemakers and vagal nerve stimulators.

Are there any serious side effects from the procedure?

TMS can produce seizures in extremely rare instances.If you have seizures or had seizures in the past please inform Dr Ghelber so your situation can be evaluated prior to TMS treatment