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TMS uses brief magnetic impulses to stimulate different parts of our brain. These stimuli, if repeated, produce long lasting changes in the brain structure and function. rTMS coils are typically figure 8 coils. They produce a current that rapidly decreases with depth, making them impractical for the stimulation of deeper regions of the brain. The family of H coils developed by Brainsway™ use proprietary solution to stimulate regions deeper in the brain. Then prefrontal cortex is connected to deep brain structures involved in depression and its stimulation induces long lasting changes in connectivity between the brain cells.


We offer an integrated compassionate and individualized multimodal treatment consisting of medication, therapy, Ketamine infusions and TMS Dr Ghelber has been repeatedly honored by her patients as the most compassionate doctor and patients’ choice. We started operating a rTMS unit in 2011 and started using dTMS since 2016. We were the first to introduce a coil for the treatment of OCD to the area.

Conditions Treated

Both rTMS and deep TMS (dTMS) are FDA approved for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD) dTMS is also FDA approved for the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD). I addition to these indications, deep TMS is approved in the European union for the treatment of a variety of other conditions. These conditions include addictions, autism, chronic pain, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, Parkinson disease, and Alzheimer disease. TMS can also be used to help in stroke rehabilitation and can help people quit smoking.

A new non invasive, drug free treatment for depression

At My Hope TMS center we are here to get you feeling better. Are you depressed? Do you know someone who is depressed? Did you try everything and nothing helped? The solution might be one appointment away.

patient testimonials

“I have been depressed since puberty.  I have been on medication since college.  I thought I had my depression managed until my forties when I became seriously suicidal.  My family set out to save my life knowing that the typical route of medication and talk therapy would not work.  We needed a cure, not management. A relatively short search led us to Dr. Diana Ghelber.”

“I was incredibly cynical after a lifetime of depression, especially after Dr. Ghelber explained the protocol to me.  It sounded too easy and too good to be true. Honestly, I only agreed to treatment because of pressure from my family.  Dr. Ghelber and her staff led me thru ketamine and Brainsway Deep TMS treatments. After only a few treatments, I was a believer.  Life was so easy and fun. Every day was better than the day before. It felt like climbing out from under a blanket. I was so appreciative of my parents and Dr. Ghelber.”

“Approximately a year after TMS treatment for the depression and a new look on life, I had a minor stroke.  When Dr. Ghelber found out, she encouraged me to come see her. I was instantly on board because of my previous success. She was able to “aim” the deep magnetic stimulation to help my new physical limitations.  Every day that I went to treatment, I noticed something new that I could do. Whether learning to hold a fork, or type, or brush my hair, things were coming back to me quickly. I was fully functional after 2 weeks, although strength has been slower to return.”

“I am amazed at what the Brainsway deep TMS has affected my life.  My mental and physical changes have impressed the most stubborn skeptic.  I am convinced because of the results.”

Am I an Ideal TMS Candidate?


TMS therapy offers an alternative to the traditional psychiatric solution. Instead of using drugs to alter a patient’s state of consciousness, the brain is stimulated using electromagnetic waves..


The side effects of antidepressants can take a toll on the body as well; insomnia, weight gain and sexual dysfunction are just some of the side effects of this medication. People may experience mild side effects during their TMS treatment. However, they subside once the treatment is over.


TMS therapy has many advantages over drug alternatives. Not only are the side effects milder, and subside after the session is over. The benefits are also usually prolonged and last far after the treatment is over.


A seminal real life study proved that antidepressant medication works only in 50% of the people with major depression. This means that one in two people with that psychiatric conditions do not experience relief after their trial with medication.


The lack of efficiency of antidepressants often comes accompanied by these side effects; the person failing a medication more often than not experiences some of those side effects, ie at the end of the day the patient is worse than was before the treatment.


If you have an implant, a pacemaker, a vagal nerve stimulator or any type of foreign metal in your body please inform Dr. Ghelber so your situation can be assessed prior to the beginning of the treatment.

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